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the dude in the nappy

I’m sure we have all seen the formidable Briohny Smyth performing a seemingly effortless sequence, in nothing other than her briefs but lets wind it back a bit. Sri Krishnamacharya needs some credit for not only developing one of the most strengthening yoga practices we have today – Ashtanga – but he also had a penchant for wearing big white knickers.

 After my yoga teacher training exam, one of our tutors was crying with laughter when he told us, in answer to the question ‘Who created and developed Ashtanga Yoga’ one of my fellow students came up with this gem: ‘The dude in the nappy’.

Sri Krishnamacharya has been labelled “the father of modern yoga,” and is regarded as one of the most influential yoga teachers of the 20th century. Here he is in action:

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